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Do you want an entirely new key without replacing the lock? You simply need lock rekey, which is basically the Lock Rekey Servicesimple method of changing the wafer configuration or the tumbler of the lock in order to make it work with a different key. This process is suggested by our Locksmith in Toronto for those fearing that unauthorized people might have the keys of their properties and wish to keep them out of their homes or offices. By rekeying the lock you will surely have a new key without having replaced the entire lock and you can be sure that key change is our specialty.

24/7 key change and services

We are excellent crews when it comes to all types of locks with years of experience and masters in lock rekey. This task requires method and experience, proper tools and great knowledge and you can be sure of the capabilities of our technicians. We do offer 24 hour rekeying services because we acknowledge the urgency of needing a new key under time pressure. Being well prepared we promise fast arrival and immediate services for all people in Toronto! We can serve you if you need car key replacement and you can rest assured that our machinery is the best in Ontario.

Great work by our lock rekeys experts

The specialized technicians of our Locksmith Toronto are trained and fully equipped to serve you properly. We rekey locks and have great knowledge of all lock systems and that’s why our expertise can be useful. By rekeying locks we make sure your home is secure from old tenants, realtors or landlords who may still own your keys. We give you a new set of keys and make sure you are safe. If you need assistance with your master key system in your building, rest assured that our experts are knowledgeable and experienced. We can install, repair and definitely rekey the locks of this system and also recommend solutions. Call us for your questions!